Trips for college Student
Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.!

College Trip Organizer

Once you join the trip, you will part of this iTourbeat travel community forever.!

Graduation period is the best time to travel. This is the time when getting permission for a trip easy and don't have ask for leave for any trip. Along with education, travel is also important because it open up your mind, create experiences that go on to define the kind of life you choose ahead, meet new people, reseach about the place, trying out new food and getting out of your comfort zone which teaches a lot about life.

Looking for trip during your college time or wanted to organize trip for your college, then young trip manager at iTourbeat could help you with best trip with amazing travel experience and within your budgets.

Getting your trip plan?

STEP 1: Let us familiarize with your Group

  • People: How many students will be traveling in the group?
  • Destination: Where would you like to have vacation?
  • Travel Genre: Your travel style? Type accommodations? Leisure or adventure trip? Luxury or budget? desired activities you want?
  • Travel Date: When are you planning for the trip?
  • STEP 2: Planning Phase

  • With these information, trip manager will plan you trip with proper itinerary incorporating all things which you have mentioned along with the trip cost. You may alter the plan with trip manager as per your need and requirement.
  • STEP 3: Time to enjoy your trip

  • Finally time has come to enjoy the trip to fullest.

  • A trip with Lifetime Experience!