Corporate Travel
If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine its lethal...!!

Corporate Tour Organizer

Once you join the trip, you will part of this iTourbeat travel community forever.!

"Team members or office employee often get their best ideas when they take time out of the office environment to relax, breathe and have fun".It’s a known fact that in this dynamic and fast moving business environment, every employee is required to perform at his best level of productivity. A corporate organization understands the employees’ needs both physically and mentally, so they let their hardworking team of individuals to take a short break in the form of weekend getaways which break their monotonous routine and help rejuvenate their energy levels to accomplish their target goals. The travel experience increases productivity and cooperation among the employee and their team members. The amount of money that the company invests in travel packages might seem expensive from the accounts perspective but it naturally helps enhance the company’s image internally as well as in the public view.

We at iTourbeat make travel convenient for any client who wants to unwind and leave on a joyous holiday experience. Whatever destination you have in mind, be it beaches, mountains, deserts, we have organized trips across many such landscapes. Adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding have also been incorporated in our trips depending on the location. What makes us better than the rest is that we have a team of dedicated trip managers who have experience of handling almost every major query from your side and assure full assistance during any kind of emergency.

Getting your plan for corporate trip?

STEP 1: Let us familiarize with your Group

  • People: How many people will be traveling in the group?
  • Destination: Where would you like to have vacation?
  • Travel Genre: Your travel style? Type accommodations? Leisure or adventure trip? Luxury or budget? desired activities you want?
  • Travel Date: When are you planning for the trip?
  • STEP 2: Planning Phase

  • With these information, trip manager will plan you trip with proper itinerary incorporating all things which you have mentioned along with the trip cost. You may alter the plan with trip manager as per your need and requirement.
  • STEP 3: Time to enjoy your trip

  • Finally time has come to enjoy the trip to fullest.

  • A trip with Lifetime Experience!